Powell-Pressburger / The Archers
Friday, 03 September 2010 01:00

The Archers - Powell-Pressburger Awards
Adam Matty
Supp. Actor Anton Walbrook, Colonel Blimp Anton Walbrook, Colonel Blimp
Supp. Actress Deborah Kerr, Colonel Blimp Maxine Audley, Peeping Tom
Cinematography A Matter of Life and Death Black Narcissus
Actor Roger Livesey, Colonel Blimp Roger Livesey, Colonel Blimp
Actress Deborah Kerr, Black Narcissus Deborah Kerr, Colonel Blimp
Scene/Moment Ballet scene, The Red Shoes Opening scene, The Red Shoes
Picture The Red Shoes The Red Shoes

Marathon #22: Powell-Pressburger
1. The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp
4stars 4stars
2. Black Narcissus 1947
3star 35stars
3. A Matter of Life and Death 1946
4stars 5stars
4. The Red Shoes 1948
5stars 5stars
5. Peeping Tom 1960
4stars 45stars

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