Robert Bresson

martyrs 150

Adam Josh
Supp. Performance Marie-Monique Arkell, ...Country Priest Charles Le Clainche, A Man Escaped
Actor Francois Leterrier, A Man Escaped  Francois Leterrier, A Man Escaped 
Actress Nadine Nortier, Mouchette Nadine Nortier, Mouchette
Scene/Moment Mouchette comforts herself Balthazar's death
Existential Angst CU
Claude Laydu, ...Country Priest Claude Laydu, ...Country Priest
Picture A Man Escaped Au Hasard Balthazar


Marathon #24: Bresson
1. Diary of a Country Priest
2. A Man Escaped 1956
3. Pickpocket 1959
4. Au Hasard Balthazar 1966
5. Mouchette 1967

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