SVU #73: Batman Returns / Anti-Heroine Movies
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Wednesday, 26 November 2014 00:00

Matt and Alison return to Tim Burton's BATMAN RETURNS. More than 20 years later, how does Burton's edgy, strange superhero sequel hold up? Plus, they recommend some other movies featuring female anti-heroes you can rent or stream at home right now.

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Filmspotting: SVU

Opening Break
Sin City: A Dame To Kill For
Reach Me

Queue Shots: Movies Featuring Female Anti-Heroes
Baby Face
Kill BIll
My Best Friend's Wedding

Listeners Choice Review
Batman Returns

Behind the 8-Ball: 3 New Releases

Matt: Nebraska
Flash Point
The Cabinet Of Dr. Caligari

Alison: Boy Meets Girl
Los Angeles Plays Itself
Under the Skin

2 Listener Recommendations

Matt: Phase IV
Danger 5

Alison: Big Night
Metro Manila

1 Random Film From Our Queues

Matt: 99 River Street

Alison: The Brass Teapot










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