Filmspotting: SVU #20 - It's a Helluva Town Edition
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Tuesday, 06 November 2012 00:00

Chapter One. Matt and Alison are as tough and romantic as the city they love.. New York was their town, and it always would be... This week, your SVU investigators share some of their favorite movies about their favorite city available via streaming. Plus, the Listeners' Choice discussion of "The Comedy," starring Tim Heidecker.

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Filmspotting: SVU

Opening Break
Natural Selection
I Wish
The Queen of Versailles

Queue Shots: New York City Movies
Mutual Appreciation
The Landlord
Across 110th Street
Inside Man
The Naked City

Listeners Choice Review
The Comedy

Behind the 8-Ball: 3 New Releases

Alison: Twenty Four Seven
Out of Sight
Barton Fink

Matt: The American Scream
Thieves Like Us
Red Scorpion

2 Expiring Titles (Expiration Date)

Alison: Lovely, Still (11/9)
Everyone Else (11/15)

Matt: Assault on Precinct 13 (11/15)
Sherlock Jr. (11/15)

1 Random Film From Our Queues

Alison: W.E.
Matt: Saturday Night Live: The 1970s


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