#430: 2013 Movie Preview (Pt. 2 ) / Die Hard
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Friday, 25 January 2013 00:00

Die Hard-Tony Leung

In 1988, our action heroes looked like Sly Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger... then we met a barefoot Bruce Willis. Adam and Josh find out if it really is a good day to "Die Hard" as they give the Sacred Cow treatment to the action classic that made Willis a movie star. Plus, the Top 5 Most Anticipated Performances of 2013.

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Filmspotting #430

Filmspotting #430
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1:34-25:56 - Sacred Cow Review: "Die Hard"
Music: Andrew Bird, "Three White Horses"
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28:30-36:21 - Notes
36:22-51:25 - "Ask Filmspotting": Freddie vs. Abe
Music: Andrew Bird, "If I Needed You"
48:11-55:01 - Donations
55:22-1:15:10 - Top 5: Anticipated 2013 Performances
1:15:11-1:18:46 - Close


- Nothing this week, sorry!


- Andrew Bird


- Show Dick aka Paul Gleason some respect. "Principal Dean Vernon" is really just "Dean Vernon."

- Interesting to note that Daniel Day-Lewis is most well known for playing a fictional character (Plainview) while Phoenix got an Oscar nom for playing a real person (Cash).

- It occurs to me (AK) there's a significant difference between Will Smith as Ali and Day-Lewis as Lincoln -- I know how Ali talks and moves; I really have no idea how Lincoln talks or walks.

- True that Michael Shannon played a big-screen baddie in "Premium Rush" this past year; still seems odd to see him as a villain in a superhero movie.

- "Behind the Candelabra" will air on HBO this year.


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- Top 5 Most Anticipated Performances of 2013


- The Q&A with Jeff Goldsmith- iTunes