#419: The Shining / Terrifying Characters / Room 237
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Friday, 26 October 2012 00:00

The Shining

Heeeeere's Michael Phillips! From the spacious Overlook studio at WBEZ, Michael joins Filmspotting for a Sacred Cow discussion of "The Shining." Also on this special Halloween edition: theories about the theories in the new documentary "Room 237," which explores the hidden meanings in Stanley Kubrick's 1980 horror classic. Plus, the Top 5 Terrifying Movie Characters.

This episode is presented by Hover and FreshBooks.com.

Filmspotting #419

Filmspotting #419
:00-2:20 - Intro/Hover
2:22-37:07 - Review: "The Shining"
Music: Little Legend, "Lonely"
38:20-39:52 - FreshBooks
40:20-45:10 - Massacre Theatre
45:11-52:17 - Polls, Notes
52:18-1:11:33 - Review: "Room 237"
Music: Little Legend, "Sundown"
1:13:00-1:19:14 - Donations
1:19:33-1:54:07 - Top 5: Terrifying Characters
1:54:08-1:56:33 - Close


- Best of the '90s, CIFF


- Little Legend


- A couple more comments on the notion of repression and the Torrance family unit in "The Shining": You've got to love Nicholson's "Wendy, I'm home!" like an ax-wielding Ward Cleaver... And it's interesting how even Danny is being stifled. His parents won't let him talk about Tony; Tony won't let him talk to anyone about the things Tony tells him to do.

- Massacre Theatre winner: Kenny Meier

- Chicago no longer has a confirmed playdate theater for PUSHER this weekend as mentioned.


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