Cinecast #94: Brick
Tuesday, 18 April 2006 01:00
Wait, a 'bull'  is a cop and a 'shamus' is a private detective? I'm confused.

It took five years for writer/director Rian Johnson to get his debut film made, and as far as Cinecast is concerned, it was worth the wait. Currently in limited release, "Brick" is burdened by a premise that's almost too clever -- Dashiell Hammett-inspired noir in a modern day high school setting -- but among the film's many pleasant surprises is just how expertly first-timer Johnson puts it all together, from the swift dialogue to the Lynchian humor to the carefully composed cinematography. It helps to have a crack cast of great young actors, including Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Sam Spade stand-in Brendan Frye, and Lukas Haas as 'The Pin'. Admirable for its willingness to confound, "Brick" deserves -- and rewards -- your attention.

Also on the show: Listener Feedback, Massacre Theatre, and a preview of this week's Top 5 ... Movies About Money. (Thanks to listener Jared Sorensen for the suggestion in honor of Tax Day.)

Notes: After 93 shows and with your hosts once again 800 miles away from each other in separate studios, it was inevitable that the audio quality of one or two shows might not be up to our usual standards. In this case, Sam sounds fine; Adam sounds vaguely like he's speaking into a Fisher-Price Karaoke machine. We're not sure what went wrong -- it's the same setup we used for shows #90 and #91 -- but we apologize and will be sure to correct it for next week ... Also, Cinecast #95 will be available a day early by visiting Peerflix's Peerblog at This site and our feed will be updated as usual on Friday morning, but if you're jonesing for Friday's show, you can access it over at Peerblog on Thursday.

Music by Chuck Prophet from the album "No Other Love."

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Cinecast #94
:39-19:58 - Review: "Brick"
Music: Chuck Prophet, "That's How Much I Need Your Love"
20:38-23:40 - New DVD Releases, Peerflix DVD Winner
23:41-25:17 - Donations/Nicknames
25:18-29:06 - Notes, Poll Questions
29:07-34:29 - Listener Feedback (101 Greatest Screenplays)
Music: Chuck Prophet, "After the Rain"
35:04-37:49 - Massacre Theatre
37:50-42:39 - Top 5 Preview: Movies About Money

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