Cinecast #96: American Dreamz
Wednesday, 26 April 2006 01:00
That's right,  Mandy, Adam and Sam... big brother Hugh Grant is watching.

When Cinecast asked listeners in an online poll last week which new film looked most interesting -- "The Sentinel," "Silent Hill" or "American Dreamz" -- the majority took the 5th and chose "All 3 look pretty crappy." Cinecast has no such luxury, and, despite serious reservations, chose to see "American Dreamz" based on writer/director Paul Weitz's strong track record ("About a Boy" and "In Good Company"). A movie that asks the audience to "imagine a country where more people vote for a pop idol than their next president," "American Dreamz" plays as a broad parody of contemporary American culture. And that's just about the only thing that Adam and Sam agreed on. Listen as Sam accuses Adam of walking the party line on the film (i.e., that it's a brain-dead mess), and bravely (and perhaps quixotically) defend the movie as a well-pitched, if imperfect, comedy that is smarter than it's getting credit for. That's right, folks, it's a good old-fashioned catfight.

Also on the show: Listener Feedback, Massacre Theatre, and a preview of this week's Top 5 ... Movies About America.

Music by Martin Sexton from the album "Live Wide Open" courtesy of Kitchen Table Records.

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Cinecast #96
:37-17:49 - Review: "American Dreamz"
Music: Martin Sexton, "Hallelujah"
18:39-20:07 - New DVD Releases, Peerflix DVD Winner
20:08-22:52 - "American Dreamz" cont.
22:53-28:01 - Donations, Sam's Museum of Sex visit, Poll Questions
28:02-38:15 - Listener Feedback (We're sorry Josh Lucas edition)
Music: Martin Sexton, "Women and Wine"
39:11-41:28 - Massacre Theatre
41:29-47:17 - Top 5 Preview: Movies About America

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