Cinecast #97: Cabaret/Top 5 Movies About America
Friday, 28 April 2006 01:00
Cinecast ...  and Liza: fighting Nazis since 1931.

Six weeks after hearing James Cagney declare himself a "Yankee Doodle Dandy," Liza Minnelli, as Sally Bowles, ends our Musicals Marathon in 1930s-era Berlin belting an ode to the decadent life of the "Cabaret." Bob Fosse's 1972 Best Picture nominee was a late addition to the marathon, but it's a fitting conclusion. Fosse's sensual, earthy choreography and "Cabaret's" violent, political story stand in powerful contrast to the fleet-foot and (mostly) carefree lives of Astaire and Rogers, Gene Kelly, and the athletic cast of "West Side Story." Having split on the last two films in the marathon ("West Side" and "The Umbrellas of Cherbourg"), Adam and Sam agree that "Cabaret" is probably the single movie in the marathon that would be just as powerful -- though certainly less fun -- without any music or dance at all. Brilliantly acted (yes, Liza is, eventually, just as good as you've heard she is) and written and directed with uncommon intelligence, "Cabaret" certainly deserves its reputation as the last great musical.

Also on the show: Listener Feedback, and -- tying in with Wednesday's review of "American Dreamz" -- our lists of the Top 5 Movies About America.

Music by Bobby Bare, Jr. courtesy of Bloodshot Records.

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Cinecast #97
:37-17:48 - Musicals #6: "Cabaret"
17:49-18:30 - Audio Feedback
Music: Bobby Bare, Jr., "Things I Didn't Say"
19:35-33:30 - Listener Feedback (Movies About Money)
Music: Bobby Bare, Jr., "Your Adorable Beast"
35:14-52:00 - Top 5 Movies About America

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