Cinecast #99: Musicals Awards/Top 5 One-Timers
Wednesday, 10 May 2006 01:00
Sure, Sam and  Adam... I'd love to audition for your show.

As Cinecast's 100th episode quickly approaches, Adam and Sam take a look back at their recent six-week Musicals Marathon and hand out the 1st annual "Gingers," their Best of the Musicals Awards. It's West Side vs. Cherbourg! Kelly vs. Cagney! Minnelli vs. Minnelli! Sticks, rocks, poles, cans, bricks, bats, and clubs are all approved for this Royal Rumble.

Also on the show: Listener Feedback and -- tying in with Monday's review of the unsettling new film "United 93" -- our Top 5 One-Timers Revisited... movies that we really like, but are really hesitant to watch again.

Music by Waco Brothers courtesy of Bloodshot Records.

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Cinecast #99
:26-18:50 - The Gingers (Best of the Musicals Marathon)
18:51-19:27 - Audio Feedback
Music: Waco Brothers, "Rest of the World"
19:58-32:25 - Notes, Listener Feedback (Movies About America)
Music: Waco Brothers, "Nothing At All"
33:53-49:05 - Top 5 One-Timers Revisited

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