Cinecast #100 - Part I: Mission Impossible III/Top 5 Screen Performances
Friday, 12 May 2006 01:00
Gun or not, Sam is  going to hurt you if you don't listen to Cinecast #100

Adam and Sam worked out the math before they started recording the 100th episode of Cinecast and figured the show would clock in at just over an hour. Self-knowledge, it seems, comes late to podcasters. With a review of JJ Abrams' fantastic new Mission Impossible installment, M:i:III; a look back at the Top 5 Cinecast Moments from the first 99 episodes (starring Sam Hallgren); special exclusive tracks from Aberdeen City; contributions from special guests Dylan Kidd, writer/director of "Roger Dodger," and Scott Ferguson, co-producer of "Brokeback Mountain"; and our Top 5 (or, um, 20) Screen Performances, it shouldn't really be a surprise that the show comes in at over two hours.

So without further ado, here is Part I of Cinecast #100. Check back Monday for Part II featuring our Top 5 Male and Female Dramatic Performances... Consider it a drunken retirement party for Cinecast. In two weeks, Adam and Sam return as Filmspotting: the young, eager, recent college graduate to Cinecast's bitter, downsized retiree.

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Cinecast #100
:26-17:59 - Review: Mission Impossible III
19:34-20:54 - Exclusive: Aberdeen City, "Pretty Pet"
20:55-27:49 - Peerflix Winner/New DVDs, Donations, Notes, Polls
27:50-39:07 - Top 5 Cinecast Moments
39:08-45:42 - Listener Feedback (Thank you, listeners)
45:43-46:23 - Scott Ferguson: Top 5 Female Modern Perf.
46:24-47:26 - Exclusive: Aberdeen City, "Pretty Pet"
47:27-51:40 - Massacre Theatre
51:41-53:11 - Masters of Horror/Dope Sheet Giveaway
53:12-1:15:41 - Top 5 Male Comedic Perf. w/ Dylan Kidd
1:15:42-1:30:21 - Top 5 Female Comedic Perf. w/ Dylan Kidd
1:30:22-1:31:01 - Scott Ferguson: Top 5 Male Modern Perf.
1:31:02-1:32:59 - Music: Aberdeen City, "Another Seven Years"

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