Filmspotting #101: The Da Vinci Code / Top 5 Religious Movies
Wednesday, 24 May 2006 01:00
Oh God,  Filmspotting knows our secret... we're really boring

"The Da Vinci Code" ... Religious Movies ... Fitting subject matter for Cinecast's first show re-christened as Filmspotting. With Sam out of town all week, Adam and guest host Scott Smith pore over Ron Howard's big-screen adaptation of Dan Brown's bestseller like two medieval biblical scholars. Their theory: Howard's dull direction + Akiva Goldsman's dull screenwriting + dull acting by usually-reliable star Tom Hanks = a "mindnumbingly dull" movie. Among "Code's" few bright spots are Ian McKellen's scenery-chewing turn as scholar Leigh Teabing and Paul Bettany's limited but suprisingly effective performance as Silas, the killer albino monk.

Also on the show: Listener Feedback, Massacre Theatre and our Top 5 Religious Movies ... Filmspotting will return to its two-show format next week.

Music by Keith Jenkins & The Moving Parts courtesy of Reverbose Records.

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Filmspotting #101
:26-19:53 - Review: "The Da Vinci Code"
19:54-20:22 - Audio Feedback
Music: Keith Jenkins, "Disguise"
21:12-27:42 - New DVDs, Donations, Poll Questions
27:43-28:27 - Masters of Horror Winner: Eliot Gerstel
28:28-38:46 - Listener Feedback (One-Timers, M:i:III)
Music: Keith Jenkins, "Golden Ages"
39:35-41:23 - Massacre Theatre (Winner: Peter Labuza, St. Paul, MN)
41:24-59:55 - Top 5 Religious Movies
59:56-1:01:11 - Close, Next Week Tease

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