Filmspotting #102: X-Men: The Last Stand / Top 5 Screen Parents Preview
Wednesday, 31 May 2006 01:00
I give this  movie 3 claws... and you should too.

In the People vs. Brett Ratner, Filmspotting sides (just barely) with the defendant. For X-Men 3: The Last Stand, 20th Century Fox filled the director's spot made vacant by Bryan Singer ("Superman Returns") with the much maligned director of the "Rush Hour" movies and -- most recently -- "Red Dragon." Adam and Sam won't speak for die-hard X-Men fans, who may not be happy with the film's high death toll, but "The Last Stand" should be praised for what it doesn't do: change what worked so well in the first two films. The cast returns largely unaltered, with a particularly (and, by know, expectedly) good turn by Ian McKellen as Magneto; and the mutantcy-as-homosexuality parallel continues with its most intriguing storyline yet. Unfortunately, Ratner's execution lacks subtlety and his hamfisted direction doesn't help cushion an already hamfisted screenplay... But even if it is this franchise's "Return of the Jedi," go on, admit it, "Jedi" wasn't that bad.

Also on the show: Listener Feedback, Massacre Theatre and a preview of this week's Top 5 ... Screen Parents.

Music by The Great Distance.

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Filmspotting #102
:27-17:47 - Review: "X-Men: The Last Stand"
Music: The Great Distance, "Savings to Dollars"
18:41-23:01 - "X-Men 3" cont.
23:02-28:47 - Peerflix Winners/New DVDs, Donations, Polls
28:48-35:05 - Listener Feedback (Performances)
Music: The Great Distance, "Irrelevant But True"
35:59-39:35 - Massacre Theatre (Winner: Christian Clarion)
39:36-44:54 - The Linney Redemption, "Da Vinci Code" Feedback
44:55-50:50 - Top 5 Preview: Screen Parents

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