Filmspotting #103: Aguirre: The Wrath of God/Top 5 Screen Parents
Friday, 02 June 2006 01:00
Sam is a head  taller than me. That may change after this review.

Until the release of last year's widely and justifiably praised "Grizzly Man," veteran filmmaker and documentarian Werner Herzog was arguably as famous for the death-defying antics of his movie shoots as he was for the films he actually made. Among the most infamous of these fabled shoots was Herzog's first collaboration with actor/madman Klaus Kinski, 1972's Aguirre: The Wrath of God -- the first film in Filmspotting's six-part Herzog-Kinski Marathon. Alternately fascinating and frustrating, "Aguirre" -- shot on the cheap in the Peruvian jungle -- still has more than enough moments to make it worth recommending. Even more captivating, however, is Herzog's sometimes shocking, always amusing and insightful DVD commentary track.

Also on the show: Listener Feedback and -- halfway between Mother's Day and Father's Day -- our Top 5 Screen Parents.

Music by Wilder Embry.

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Filmspotting #103
:26-13:14 - "Aguirre: The Wrath of God"
13:15-13:42 - Audio Feedback
Music: Wilder Embry, "Bad Case of the Nothings"
14:49-18:22 - Peerflix Contest, Listener-Aberdeen City Meetup
18:23-20:12 - Top 10 Character Actors
20:13-24:04 - Got the keys to Telegraph Road?
24:05-30:59 - Listener Feedback (Religious Movies)
Music: Wilder Embry, "Light Me Up in the Dark"
31:45-44:55 - Top 5 Screen Parents
44:56-46:47 - Next Week/Close

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