Filmspotting #109: Fitzcarraldo / Top 5 Performances of the Year So Far
Friday, 23 June 2006 01:00
Come back  here with my ship, Adam and Sam!

Although not Herzog's first choice for the title role (Jack Nicholson passed, then Jason Robards, Jr. fell ill during shooting), Klaus Kinski eventually joined Herzog in the Amazon for 1982's "Fitzcarraldo". A decade after the two teamed up for "Aguirre: The Wrath of God," Kinski is again cast as a river-bound madman looking for glory in the rain forest. "Fitzcarraldo" is a more mature film than Herzog's previous Amazonian adventure -- fewer digressions, a more compelling story, stronger characters -- but the power of the film is largely due to the central conceit: Fitzcarraldo's plan to haul a 300-ton steamship over a mountain. The fact that Herzog risked the lives of his cast and crew to actually pull off this dubious achievement in engineering only adds to the movies allure. Two-thirds of the way through the six-week Herzog-Kinski marathon, Sam admits to experiencing some fatigue with Herzog's myth-making, but Adam defends the director and names "Fitzcarraldo" his favorite film in the series.

Also on the show: Listener Feedback and our Top 5 Performances of the Year So Far.

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Filmspotting #109
:28-15:44 - Herzog #4: "Fitzcarraldo"
15:45-15:59 - Audio Feedback
Music: Johnny Society, "Trust"
16:53-30:57 - Donations, Correction, Listener Feedback
Music: Johnny Society, "Mommy In The Flowers"
31:34-49:53 - Top 5 Male/Female Performances ... So Far
49:54-51:49 - Reverbose Winner, Next Week, Close

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