Filmspotting #112: Superman Returns / Top 5 Movie Scores
Wednesday, 05 July 2006 01:00
Sam, when are  you getting fitted for your cape?

When director Bryan Singer left the X-Men franchise to make "Superman Returns," movie fans had two big questions: "What's going to happen to the X-Men?" and "Is Singer the right man to resurrect the Man of Steel?" We got an answer to the first question earlier this summer with Brett Ratner's uninspired but mostly entertaining "X-Men 3: The Last Stand." As for the second question ... Singer has probably been called a lot of names in his life, but has he ever been called "Brett Ratner"? One of your jaded, unsentimental Filmspotting hosts dares to blaspheme at the altar of Singer, while the other humbly kneels before him. That's right, Adam and Sam disagree! Again!

Also on the show: Listener Feedback, Massacre Theatre, the final film in our Herzog-Kinski Marathon -- "My Best Fiend" -- and our Top 5 Movie Scores. Thanks to Chicago Public Radio general manager and cinema score expert Torey Malatia for contributing to this week's top 5.

Correction: Chris from the Studio Upstairs correctly wrote 'Roy Cohn' in his James Woods-Character Actors email ... Adam, in his haste, said 'Ray Cohn'.

Music by Anne McCue courtesy of Messenger Records.

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Filmspotting #112
:19-18:20 - Review: "Superman Returns"
18:21-18:43 - Audio Feedback
Music: Anne McCue, "Crazy Beautiful Child"
19:51-22:07 - Peerflix Winner/Aristocrats story
22:08-25:12 - "Superman Returns" cont.
25:13-28:37 - Donations, Poll Questions, Dope Sheet Winner
28:38-37:12 - Listener Feedback (Lake House, Inconvenient Truth)
Music: Anne McCue, "Stupid"
38:15-40:54 - Massacre Theatre (Winner: Gerta Bardhoshi)
40:55-52:44 - Herzog #6: "My Best Fiend"
52:45-55:55 - Listener Feedback (Character Actors)
Music: Anne McCue, "Ballad of an Outlaw Woman"
56:41-1:10:43 - Top 5: Movie Scores
1:10:44-1:12:54 - Next Show/Close

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