FS #115 (WBEZ): Lady In The Water / Clerks 2 / Ed Burns / Male Bonding Movies
Wednesday, 26 July 2006 01:00
Would you  laugh at us? We'd laugh at us.

On this Chicago Public Radio edition of Filmspotting: Narfs, Scrunts and Inter-Species Erotica ... oh my.

While folks in Hollywood held their collective breath waiting to see if M. Night Shyamalan would be punished with bad box office returns for his recent spate of insolence (he was), Kevin Smith's "Clerks II" was released to much less fanfare. Smith's previous effort, "Jersey Girl," was largely dismissed by critics and ignored by the public, so it would have been fair to assume that "Clerks II" was merely a crass, uninspired attempt to win back Smith purists. Which is pretty much exactly how Adam and Sam approached the film. And boy were they wrong. A note of warning: the movie is exceedingly vulgar -- just in case you were thinking of bringing the kids.

Thanks to early chatter declaring Shyamalan a monster of arrogance and his new film an abomination, Adam and Sam went into "Lady in the Water" with significantly diminished expectations -- so diminished that one of them even emerged from the theater ready to assign the film a relatively generous "not bad." If Shyamalan's films have become increasingly (and annoyingly) preachy, "Lady" is, at the very least, a pretty harmless sermon: something about realizing how special you are. Or something. With exceptional lead performances by Paul Giamatti and Bryce Dallas Howard, and a slew of overqualified actors in smaller parts (Jeffrey Wright, Bill Irwin, Mary Beth Hurt, Bob Balaban), Shyamalan's mythic hokum (and it really is a bunch of hooey) goes down fairly smoothly.

Plus: an interview with writer/director/actor Ed Burns about his new film The Groomsmen, Massacre Theatre and our Top 5 Male Bonding Movies.

Music by Scott H. Biram from the album "Graveyard Shift" courtesy of Bloodshot Records.

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Filmspotting #115
:24-14:15 - Review: "Lady In The Water"
Music: Scott H. Biram, "Lost Case of Being Found"
14:59-29:16 - Review: "Clerks II"
Music: Scott H. Biram, "Blood, Sweat and Murder"
30:27-34:21 - Massacre Theatre, Poll Questions
34:22-41:54 - Interview: Ed Burns
Music: Scott H. Biram, "Have No Fun"
42:51-45:08 - Top 5 Review: 'Chick' Flicks
45:09-58:03 - Top 5: Male Bonding Movies
58:04-59:44 - Next Show/Close/Outtake

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