Filmspotting #121: Accepted / The Lady Eve
Friday, 25 August 2006 01:00
Of course  she'd fall in love with me... this is a movie.

"Old School" + "Revenge of The Nerds" = "Accepted." Pretty simple formula. Instead of a bunch of 30 somethings starting a fraternity, Bartleby Gaines (Justin Long) -- rejected from every college he has applied to -- and a couple of his likewise rejected pals found a university. The bad guys, ironically, are frat guys. Guess who wins? Adam and Van Sam both admit to finding plenty to laugh at -- namely, just about every line spoken by comedy savant Jonah Hill as Bartleby's best friend Sherman. But apparently laughter alone isn't enough for some people.

Also on the show: Listener Feedback, and the penultimate film in Filmspotting's Screwball Comedies Marathon -- Preston Sturges' "The Lady Eve." "Eve" is another gracefully constructed movie with great dialogue and brilliant performances (particularly Barbara Stanwyck as con-artist Jean Harrington). Incidentally, both "Eve" and last week's Marathon entry, "Sullivan's Travels," were released in 1941. One of your co-hosts was so seduced by "Eve" that he is threatening to use his abundant spare time to start a Sturges fan site.

New music by Paul Burch courtesy of Bloodshot Records.

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Filmspotting #121
:20-13:27 - Screwball Marathon #5: "The Lady Eve"
Music: Paul Burch, "Montreal"
14:23-21:12 - Donations, Adam on BBC, Corrections, Poll Questions
21:13-29:58 - Listener Feedback (Van Tastic, World Trade Center, True Stories)
Music: Paul Burch, "John Peel"
31:23-36:35 - Listener Feedback cont.
36:36-49:13 - Review: "Accepted"
49:14-51:05 - Next Week/Close/Outtake

Cinecast #44: My Darling Clementine
Adam on BBC's Radio Five Live
Note: Adam was referring to himself only as a "lame American movie critic" and not John Campea. Sorry for any confusion.

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