Filmspotting #122: Invincible / Adam's Rib / Top 5 Truly Moving Pictures
Wednesday, 30 August 2006 01:00
You're too  short, and you gave a bad performance.

If any film was going to bring peace to Adam and Sam's increasingly contentious relationship (name changes, over-hyped snakes, and movies about bickering families all contributing to the recent streak of divisiveness), that movie should have been "Invincible." A story about personal redemption and overcoming long odds -- plus football -- seemed just the thing to get your gridiron loving co-hosts seeing eye to eye. Sadly, one of them found "Invincible's" familiar (some might say tired) formula lacking inspiration. Adam and Sam even split on the performance of one of their favorite actors -- star Mark Wahlberg.

Plus, the final film in the six-week Screwball Comedies Marathon, George Cukor's "Adam's Rib" with Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy. Does "Adam's Rib" allow the marathon to end on a high note? Or does Hepburn's performance provoke nasty flashbacks of pet leopards and dinosaur bones?

Also on the show: Listener Feedback, a particularly excruciating installment of Massacre Theatre, and this week's Top 5: 'Truly Moving' Pictures ... Movies That Make Us Cry. Click here for more information about the Heartland Film Festival and Truly Moving Pictures.

Music by Aberdeen City from the album "The Freezing Atlantic."

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Filmspotting #122
:18-14:44 - Review: "Invincible"
Music: Aberdeen City, "Stay Still"
15:30-20:44 - Aberdeen City, Peerflix Winner, New DVDs
20:45-22:46 - Poll Questions
22:47-32:41 - Listener Feedback (Snakes, Sunshine)
Music: Aberdeen City, "Another Seven Years"
34:16-37:25 - Massacre Theatre (Winner: Jeremy Sheeley)
37:26-49:31 - Screwball Marathon: "Adam's Rib"
Music: Aberdeen City, "God Is Going To Get Sick of Me"
51:00-56:09 - Listener Feedback (Filmspotting University)
56:10-1:12:02 - Top 5: Truly Moving Pictures
1:12:03-1:14:24 - Next Show/Close/Outtake + Bonus Outtake

This American Life - Episode #273, "Put Your Heart Into It" (Crying on Airplanes)

Aberdeen City - Boston Globe article

YouTube: Aberdeen City on MTV

Heartland Film Festival

Truly Moving Pictures - The List

If you liked Judy Holliday's brilliant supporting performance in "Adam's Rib" and you live in or near NYC, check out the Judy Holliday retrospective that's currently running through Aug. 31 at the Film Society of Lincoln Center

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