Filmspotting #123: The Illusionist / Top 5 High School Movies / Screwball Comedy Awards
Thursday, 07 September 2006 01:00
Yes, I  realize Sam's heart is only this big.

Inspired directorial vision or dull magic show? That's the crux of this week's review of Neil Burger's "The Illusionist." The first of two prominent magic-themed period dramas to be released this fall (Christopher Nolan's "The Prestige" is the other), The Illusionist is a revenge thriller, romance and mystery all rolled into one. Your hosts compare it to everything from "The Princess Bride" to one of the first images ever projected onto a movie screen ... amd not always favorably. Star Edward Norton's performance is debated as well -- restrained and deliberate, or boring and lacking charisma? Just about the only thing that Adam and Sam did agree on is that Paul Giamatti, as Inspector Uhl, gives his second great performance of the summer. (Anyone remember "Lady In The Water"? Or did we agree to forget that movie ever existed?)

Also on the show, Massacre Theatre, Listener Feedback, our Ferris Bueller Memorial Top 5 High School Movies and The Astas -- our Screwball Comedy Marathon Awards.

Plus, some quick thoughts on Woody Allen's "Scoop," Michael Winterbottom's "Road To Guantanamo," Jean-Pierre Melville's "Army of Shadows," "Idlewild" and Meryl Streep in "The Devil Wears Prada."

Music by Spoon from the album "Kill The Moonlight" courtesy of Merge Records.

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And by All The King's Men... Academy Award Winner Sean Penn leads a star studded cast which includes Oscar Nominee Jude Law, Oscar Nominee Kate Winslet, and Oscar Winner Sir Anthony Hopkins. All the King’s Men is in theaters September 22nd.

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Filmspotting #123
:18-18:34 - Review: "The Illusionist"
18:35-19:07 - Audio Feedback
Music: Spoon, "Something To Look Forward To"
19:54-22:37 - Flashback, Peerflix Winner, New DVDs
22:38-26:33 - Poll Questions, Random Chatter
26:34-40:18 - Listener Feedback (Truly Moving Pictures)
Music: Spoon, "Stay Don't Go"
41:03-44:08 - Massacre Theatre (Winner: Eric Quigley)
44:09-50:07 - Bringing Up Baby Anonymous
50:08-1:03:12 - "The Astas" - Screwball Marathon Awards
Music: Spoon, "Back To The Life"
1:04:01-1:08:44 - Quick Reviews: Scoop, Road To Guantanamo, Army of Shadows, Idlewild, The Devil Wears Prada
1:08:45-1:21:40 - Ferris Bueller Memorial Top 5: High School Movies
1:21:41-1:24:00 - Next Show/Close/Outtake

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