Filmspotting #125: The Black Dahlia / Harlan County, USA / Fall Movie Preview
Wednesday, 20 September 2006 01:00
The really  mystery is... why are we acting in two different movies?

Hey there, Brian De Palma:

Remember when you directed "Carrie," "Dresed To Kill," "Scarface" and "The Untouchables"? That was awesome. Major hits. Adored by many. Made you a Hollywood legend. Well, now you’ve directed an adaptation of James Ellroy's 1987 novel "The Black Dahlia." Ellroy's seamy story based on the brutal, real-life 1947 murder of wannabe starlet Elizabeth Short is the perfect subject for a dark and dirty noir thriller. And making a noir-inspired thriller would have been the obvious choice. But why do the obvious? You're Brian De Palma.

Well, we here at Filmspotting want to thank you for sticking to your unique vision and making a truly, ah, 'surprising' motion picture. Your film allowed us to have one of our favorite conversations in the history of the show.

Your friends in irony,
Adam and Sam

Also on the show: Listener Feedback, Massacre Theatre, the second film in our Documentaries Marathon –- "Harlan County, USA" –- and our Top 5 Most Anticipated Fall Movies.

Music by Richard Buckner from the new album "Meadow" courtesy of Merge Records.

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And by "All The King's Men" ... Academy Award Winner Sean Penn leads a star studded cast which includes Oscar Nominee Jude Law, Oscar Nominee Kate Winslet, and Oscar Winner Sir Anthony Hopkins. "All The King's Men" is in theaters September 22.

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Filmspotting #125
:18-20:18 - Review: "The Black Dahlia"
Music: Richard Buckner, "Town"
20:18-23:45 - Peerflix Winner (Dylan Diveley), New DVDs, Contest
23:46-28:31 - Donations, Poll Questions, Milwaukee GLBT Festival
28:32-37:55 - Listener Feedback (Movies About Hollywood)
Music: Richard Buckner, "Wonder"
38:57-41:53 - Massacre Theatre (Winner: Colin Epstein)
41:54-56:15 - Documentary #2: "Harlan County, USA"
Music: Richard Buckner, "Kingdom"
57:18-1:01:15 - Programming Note, Hilary Swank, Feedback cont.
1:01:16-1:16:08 - Top 5: Most Anticipated Fall Movies
1:16:09-1:20:06 - Next Week/Close/Outtake + 2 Bonus Outtakes

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