Filmspotting #126: Idiocracy / Hearts & Minds
Wednesday, 27 September 2006 01:00

The studio behind "Idiocracy," 20th Century Fox, did everything it could to guarantee that Mike Judge's new film failed at the box office –- no marketing campaign, no screening for critics, a release on 130 screens in only 6 North American cities. This kind of treatment is usually reserved for only the most obvious of bombs. But Judge is the man behind cult favorite "Office Space," in addition to TV's "Beavis & Butthead" and "King of the Hill," and there was some talk that the movie hadn't been given a fair chance. Adam and Sam see for themselves.

Also on the show: For week three of the Documentaries Marathon, Filmspotting takes a look at Peter Davis' Oscar winning 1974 doc "Hearts and Minds." If DA Pennebaker was a fly on Bob Dylan's wall, and Barbara Kopple stood shoulder to shoulder with striking miners, Davis continues the evolution of the documentary filmmaker from objective observer to subjective editorialist. Davis wants answers to some very big questions –- why did we go to Vietnam, what did we do when we got there, and what did going there do to us. Adam and Sam discuss just how successful Davis is in achieving his ambitious goal.

Plus, in an (unplanned) effort to "keep it real," there are no outtakes at the end of this show. Everything that might have been taken out ... was left in. For better or worse.

New music by Johnny Society from the album "Coming To Get You" courtesy of Messenger Records.

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Filmspotting #126
:28-14:41 - Documentary #3: "Hearts & Minds"
Music: Johnny Society, "Don't Talk Me Down"
15:37-19:03 - Peerflix Giveaway Winner, New DVDs, Contest
19:04-24:41 - Random Chatter (Poll, Corrections, Notes)
24:42-38:11 - Review: "Idiocracy"
38:12-41:50 - Next Week/Close

- Cinematographer Sven Nykvist dies at 83

- Manuk was the prophetic listener who suggested back on Aug. 18 that Oliver Stone would "go back to being Oliver Stone again a few years later and make his JFK version of 9/11."

- Untitled Mike Judge Comedy Released Into Undisclosed Theatres

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