FS #127 (WBEZ): All The King's Men / Jackass Number Two / Last Kiss / '80s Movies
Saturday, 30 September 2006 01:00
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On this Chicago Public Radio edition of Filmspotting: Steven Zaillian's "All The King's Men" should be the type of film that gets released to unanimous praise from critics, makes a respectable haul at the box office, then gets nominated for a slew of year-end awards. Zaillian himself won an Oscar in 1993 for his "Schindler's List" script, and the cast includes such heavyweights as Sean Penn, Kate Winslet, Jude Law, James Gandolfini and Sir Anthony Hopkins. Even the source material has pedigree. Robert Penn Warren's novel won the Pulitzer Prize in 1946, and a 1949 film adaptation won the Best Picture Oscar. So it came as a surprise when "King's Men" received nearly across the board negative reviews upon its release. Sam and Adam counted Zaillian's effort among their most anticipated films of 2006, so they had to take a look for themselves to try to diagnose the problem.

Scoring (miraculously) better notices than "All The King's Men" is "Jackass Number Two." Not so much a film as a series of increasingly dangerous -- and frequently scatological (note the title) -- stunts, "Jackass" is the second film inspired by Johnny Knoxville's infamous MTV series. Sam actually considers the first "Jackass" to be among the most overlooked and underrated movies in recent memory (seriously), so hopes were high for the second installment. Adam, a Jackass novice, approached the film with some reluctance.

And finally, as if watching "Jackass" wasn't enough to remind Adam and Sam exactly how childish men can be, a review of "The Last Kiss" with "Garden State's" Zach Braff as a man flummoxed by his seemingly perfect life. Written by Paul Haggis, the writer/director of last year's Best Picture winner "Crash," "The Last Kiss" got Adam reminiscing about his bad boy college days and Sam to fess up to his 20-year crush on Blythe Danner.

Plus, Listener Feedback, Massacre Theatre and ... Adam and Sam save five movies from the 1980s, then watch helplessly as the rest get thrown into the incinerator.

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Filmspotting #127
:28-10:36 - Review: "All The King's Men"
10:37-18:36 - Review: "Jackass Number Two"
Music: Bobby Bare Jr, "The Heart Bionic"
19:56-32:12 - Review: "The Last Kiss"
Music: Bobby Bare Jr., "Where's My Mind"
33:35-37:48 - Massacre Theatre, Poll Question
37:49-44:22 - Listener Feedback (Dahlia, Most Anticipated of 2006)
Music: Bobby Bare Jr, "Can I Borrow Your Cape"
45:25-1:00:26 - Top 5: '80s Movies
1:00:27-1:02:40 - Next Show/Close/Outtake

- Top 10 Worst Movies of the 1980s

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