Filmspotting #129: The Departed / The Science of Sleep / Top 5 Coolest Characters
Thursday, 12 October 2006 01:00

The Science of Deception: If the 2002 Hong Kong thriller "Infernal Affairs" was a song and you had to pick a director to cover that song, you would probably pick Martin Scorsese. Gangs, guns, grisly violence, macho banter and "Gimme Shelter" by the Rolling Stones... "The Departed" proudly bears the distinctive Scorsese stamp. The film also showcases the most impressive cast this side of "All The King's Men," which, as we know, doesn't mean anything at all. Adam and Sam debate the merits of Scorsese's narrative ambition and give at least one Hollywood legend some bad news. (WARNING: 'Potential' Ending Spoilers from 20:00-20:42)

Also on the show: a review of Michel Gondry's "The Science of Sleep." One of your hosts calls it his favorite movie of the year; the other spends the rest of the segment trying to convince everyone that the critically adored "Half Nelson" is wildly overrated.

Plus, Listener Feedback, Massacre Theatre, and this week's Top 5: Coolest Characters or If I Could Be One Character in the History of Film, I Would Be...

Music by The Arcade Fire from the album "Funeral" courtesy of Merge Records.

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Filmspotting #129
:00-24:04 - Review: "The Departed"
Music: The Arcade Fire, "Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)"
24:52-26:10 - Peerflix Winner (Matthew A. Wilkinson), New DVDs
26:11-36:44 - Review: "The Science of Sleep"
36:55-45:10 - "Half Nelson" Debate cont.
Music: The Arcade Fire, "Neighborhood #2 (Laika)"
46:25-49:46 - Massacre Theatre (Winner: Josh Youngerman)
49:47-54:10 - Calendar, Corrections
54:11-1:04:31 - Poll Questions, Listener Feedback ('80s Movies)
Music: The Arcade Fire, "Rebellion (Lies)"
1:05:44-1:06:17 - Audio Feedback (If I Could Be...)
1:06:18-1:09:22 - Listener Feedback (Directors of the Future)
1:09:23-1:23:14 - Top 5: If I Could Be Any Character...
1:23:15-1:24:27 - Next Week/Close

No outtake again... sorry, we must be getting better at this.

Additional Info
- "Ponce" - a campily effeminate male.

- David Poland's "Half Nelson" review: "To Sir With Crack"

- Armond White's "Half Nelson" review

- Mike O. was the listener who suggested this Top 5 topic. His choices: Han Solo and Peter Venkman.

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