FS #132 (WBEZ): The Prestige / Little Children / Todd Field / Top 5 Movies About Deception
Saturday, 28 October 2006 01:00

On this Chicago Public Radio edition of Filmspotting ... With "Memento," Christopher Nolan made a film so intricate, exciting and original that he probably could have spent the next ten years making absolute bombs and still get audiences excited about his next project. As it turned out, Nolan did follow "Memento" with a modest misfire (a remake of the 1997 Norwegian film "Insomnia"), but followed that with 2005's "Batman Begins," a hugely successful re-launch of the Batman franchise. Last year, Adam and Sam were among the few people that admitted to being slightly under-whelmed by the new Batman, but both were excited about Nolan's new film "The Prestige." Although one of your hosts claims that "The Prestige" is only the second best turn-of-the-20th-century magic movie to be released this year, both found the film as intriguing to discuss on their way out of the theater as it was to watch.

The director of "In The Bedroom" adapts a book by the author of "Election" ... It's not the most obvious pairing, but your hosts agree that Todd Field's adaptation of Tom Perotta's 2004 satirical novel "Little Children" is among the most intelligent and darkly funny films of the year.

Also on the show, Adam's interview with Todd Field about the making of "Little Children." Plus, Massacre Theatre and the Top 5 Movies About Deception.

Music by The Comfies from the EP "Close To Me" courtesy of Livewire Recordings.

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Filmspotting #132
:21-12:12 - Review: "The Prestige"
Music: The Comfies, "Close To Me"
13:45-25:52 - Review: "Little Children"
Music: The Comfies, "Understanding 23"
27:34-42:16 - Todd Field Interview
Music: The Comfies, "That's What She Gets"
43:39-46:51 - Massacre Theatre (Winner: Lainey Trotter)
46:52-1:00:04 - Top 5: Movies About Deception
1:00:05-1:02:12 - Close/Next Show/Outtake

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