Filmspotting #133: Marie Antoinette / Times of Harvey Milk / Top 5 Scary Moments
Thursday, 02 November 2006 01:00

When Sophia Coppola's "Marie Antoinette" debuted at Cannes earlier this year, the audience reportedly responded with "lusty boos and smatterings of applause." Adam and Sam make no effort to re-create that scene on this week's show, but Coppola's New Wave-scored revisionist period film does force them to pick a side in the love it or hate it debate.

Plus, a spirited edition of Listener Feedback, Massacre Theatre, the final film in our Documentaries Marathon -- Robert Epstein's "The Times of Harvey Milk" -- and our special Halloween Top 5... Scary Moments.

Music by The Blue Jackets from the album "Shadow of the City."

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Filmspotting #133
:21-18:07 - Review: "Marie Antoinette"
Music: The Blue Jackets, "Who Needs a DJ"
18:30-20:50 - Audio Feedback, Peerflix Winner (Marta Moore), New DVDs
20:51-25:55 - Donations, Poll Questions
25:56-32:34 - Listener Feedback (Battle of Scotland Part Deux)
32:35-36:22 - Listener Feedback cont. (Starting Over)
Music: The Blue Jackets, "Four Cheers"
37:30-40:10 - Massacre Theatre (Winner: Scott Jones, Provo, UT)
40:11-54:29 - Documentary #6: "The Times of Harvey Milk"
Music: The Blue Jackets, "It's Easy On You"
55:26-57:06 - Listener Feedback cont.
57:07-1:16:19 - Top 5: Scary Moments
1:16:20-1:18:30 - Next Week/Close/Outtake

- Charlotte Rampling is the actress from "The Verdict" and "Swimming Pool" ... and she's British, not French. Nice work, Adam.
- More nice work from Adam ... the 'Proposition 6' Senator from "Harvey Milk" is, in fact, John Briggs not Jim (as in our listener Jim Briggs from Concord, CA.
- Top 100 Scariest Movies according to the Chicago Film Critics Association (yes, that includes Adam)
- retroCRUSH: 100 Scariest Movie Moments
- Correction from our friend Kevin ... Donna and James weren't working on a school project at all when Bob appears in the Hayward living room. Apparently they were singing a song. I (Adam) remember this, but could have sworn they were at least supposed to be doing homework or something. In any event, it's Maddy who actually sees Bob.

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