Filmspotting #136: Stranger Than Fiction / Watership Down
Wednesday, 22 November 2006 01:00

Issue #1: A lead character so boring he claims not to like cookies. Issue #2: A reclusive novelist whose "brilliant" writing literally dictates the action of the film. And those are just two of the dramaturgical hurdles screenwriter Zach Helm gives himself in "Stranger Than Fiction." Casting Will Ferrell as Harold Crick, the world's most boring IRS agent, helps to solve issue #1, but how does Helm get us to believe that Emma Thompson's Karen Eiffel is as good a writer as we're told she is? Nevermind the dozens of other potential problems that crop up when you're making a quirky meta-comedy like "Fiction." Adam and Sam don their English major hats and debate the merits of Marc Forster's new film.

Also on the show, two jam-packed segments of Listener Feedback and the first film in the Animation Marathon, Martin Rosen's 1978 adaptation of Richard Adams’s "Watership Down."

Music by Spoon from the album "Gimme Fiction" courtesy of Merge Records.

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Filmspotting #136
:19-14:57 - Review: "Stranger Than Fiction"
Music: Spoon, "The Beast and Dragon, Adored"
16:19-18:09 - Peerflix Winner (Erik Moe), New DVDs
18:10-22:25 - Donations, Poll Questions
22:26-31:23 - Meetup Notes, Corrections
31:24-35:46 - Listener Feedback (Recent Reviews, Borat)
Music: Spoon, "I Turn My Camera On"
37:06-59:47 - Listener Feedback (Audio, Recent Top 5's, Scary Moments)
Music: Spoon, "Sister Jack"
1:00:54-1:13:14 - Animation #1: "Watership Down"
1:13:15-1:15:26 - Next Week/Close

- The great Robert Altman died on Monday, November 20, at the age of 81. Unfortunately, we were not aware of this when they recorded the show Monday night, which is why when we mention Altman in passing during Feedback, we make no mention of his death. He will be greatly missed.
- That's What She Said - The Office Podcast
- Want to learn more about all those rabbit societies in "Watership Down" that we couldn't remember the names of? Check out this site for more information.
- Wanna freak out your inner 6 year-old? Check out the trailer for "Magic" that, for listener Brett 'Sparta!' Merryman, is the scariest movie moment ever.

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