Filmspotting #138: The Fountain / Grave of the Fireflies / Top 5 Ambitious Movies
Thursday, 30 November 2006 01:00

The artistically ambitious will inevitably be accused of pretension. And so it goes for Darren Aronofsky and his new film "The Fountain." A visually stunning, millennia-spanning meditation on love and death, "The Fountain" boldly follows in the footsteps of Kubrick's "2001." Adam and Sam agree that Aronofsky's film is elegantly constructed and beautiful to look at, but end up debating the mystical-religious underpinnings of the story: is "The Fountain's" 'road to awe' really worth taking, or is it indulgent silliness?

And believe it or not, Aronofsky's meditation on death isn't the most depressing film Adam and Sam review on this episode of Filmspotting. That honor belongs to Isao Takahata's luminous but devastating "Grave of the Fireflies" –- the second film in six-week Filmspotting Animation Marathon.

Also on the show: Listener Feedback, Massacre Theatre and Adam and Sam's 'Go Big or Go Home' Top 5 Ambitious Movies.

Music by Groom from the album "All This Happened, More Or Less."

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Filmspotting #138
:22-16:40 - Review: "The Fountain"
Music: Groom, "Codebreakers"
18:01-20:28 - Peerflix Winner (Cindy Sweeney), New DVDs
20:29-24:36 - Donations, Poll Questions
24:37-27:53 - Notes, Next Marathon
27:54-36:09 - Listener Feedback (Casino Royale)
Music: Groom, "Love Me Aimlessly"
37:40-40:23 - Massacre Theatre (Winner: Jennifer Wright)
40:24-51:15 - Animation #2: Grave of the Fireflies
Music: Groom, "School Uniform"
52:39-1:00:41 - Listener Feedback (Adrenaline Rushes)
1:00:42-1:13:26 - Top 5: Ambitious Movies
1:13:27-1:15:55 - Close/Next Show/Outtakes

- I (Adam) credited Aronofsky's cinematographer Matthew Libatique; editor Jay Rabinowitz deserved his name being said as well.
- It occurred to me later that "MASH," of course, was likely Robert Altman's most successful film, not "The Player." According to this BBC story, I would be correct. "Gosford Park" was his second most successful film at the box office.
- I said I disagreed with emailer Dan Heaton about the action scene early in "Casino Royale." Actually, I think I do agree... he was probably mentioning the great opening scene (Bond's first kill), and not the 'parkour' chase scene which did nothing for me. Sorry, Dan.
- The latest "Santa Clause" movie is, of course, "The Escape Clause."
- If you have a sec, you should really check out this week's edition of it will make more sense if you are message board regular, but it's clever and impressive regardless.

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