Filmspotting #149: Breach / The Iron Giant / Spring Movie Preview
Friday, 23 February 2007 01:00

Feb. 23: FBI agent Robert Hanssen sold state secrets to the Soviets for nearly 20 years. When he was finally caught in 2001, his crimes were considered among the biggest intelligence disasters in U.S. history. He was also a devout Catholic, a self-described patriot and a sexual deviant. Fascinating guy. So, why is Billy Ray's new film "Breach" all about Eric O'Neill (Ryan Phillipe), the man who helped bring Hanssen (Chris Cooper) to justice? Believe it or not, Adam and Sam have an answer.

Also on the show: Listener Feedback, Massacre Theatre, and the final entry in Filmspotting's six-movie Animation Marathon, Brad Bird's "The Iron Giant."

Plus, Adam and Sam reveal their Top 5 Most Anticipated Spring Movies, including new films from Quentin Tarantino, David Fincher and the "Shaun of the Dead" crew.

Music by The Dark Horse Project.

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Filmspotting #149
:19-16:30 - Breach
Music: The Dark Horse Project, "Danger"
17:25-22:09 - Audio Feedback, Poll Questions
22:10-25:54 - Dope Sheet Contest, Programming Notes, NYC Meetup
25:55-29:36 - Listener Feedback
Music: The Dark Horse Project, "Salvation"
30:03-31:36 - New DVDs
31:37-34:55 - Massacre Theatre (Winner: Andy Swinairski)
34:56-44:12 - Animation #6: The Iron Giant
Music: The Dark Horse Project, "Run To You"
44:59-46:27 - Donations/Nicknames
46:28-52:49 - Top 5: Spring Movie Preview (The Big 5)
52:50-1:01:31 - Spring Movie Preview cont. (The Overlooked 5)
1:01:32-1:02:34 - Close/Next Show

- Re: Billy Ray and his '70s approach... Obviously "All The President's Men" isn't a 'spy' movie. But part of the genius of the film is the way Alan Pakula makes a movie about two journalists seem like an espionage thriller.

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