Filmspotting #150: Zodiac / Oscars Recap / Top 5 Movies We Need To See
Friday, 02 March 2007 01:00

March 2: Inspector Harry Callahan took down a Zodiac-like killer with a bullet to the chest back in 1972's "Dirty Harry," but that was in the movie world. In the real world, the Bay Area serial killer was never caught. Which makes the unsolved case the perfect subject for a David Fincher movie. The director of "Seven," "Fight Club" and "The Game," Fincher doesn't mind making things unpleasant for his audiences, even if that means denying them the pleasure of seeing a bad guy get what's coming to him. "Zodiac" (opens today) was one of Adam and Sam's most anticipated films of 2007. Did it meet their expectations? At least one of them thought so.

Also on the show: Sam and Adam recap Sunday night's Academy Awards and wrap up their six-week Animation Marathon with "The Harryhausens," their Best of the Marathon Awards.

Plus, Massacre Theatre and the Top 5 Movies We Need To See -- a redux of the top 5 list from Filmspotting's second episode way back in March 2005.

Music by Anne McCue from the album "Koala Motel" courtesy of Messenger Records.

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Filmspotting #150
:19-13:07 - Review: Zodiac
Music: Anne McCue, "Bright Light of Day"
14:07-18:24 - Poll Questions
18:25-27:28 - Oscars Recap
Music: Anne McCue, "Coming To You"
28:20-30:34 - New DVDs/Donations
30:35-34:23 - Massacre Theatre (Winner: Kevin Mulqueeny)
34:24-46:51 - Animation Awards: "The Harryhausens"
Music: Anne McCue, "Sweet Burden of Youth"
47:43-49:23 - Dope Sheet Contest Winners!
49:24-1:02:26 - Top 5: Movies We Need To See
1:02:27-1:03:21 - Close/Next Show

- Yes, there is some extra 'white noise' in Sam's audio track, especially in segments #2-4. This was our first effort recording with Sam in Milwaukee. Still working out the kinks.
- The Woody Allen clip during the Top 5 is from "Manhattan."

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