Filmspotting #153: Reign Over Me / The Lookout Interviews / Top 5 'Friendship' Movies
Friday, 23 March 2007 01:00

March 23: Quick... name three films about grieving men that aren't also about sports, dating, and/or revenge. It's not a common subject, which makes Mike Binder's new film "Reign Over Me" a compelling case. The film also gives Adam Sandler another shot at dramatic acting, this time as a profoundly depressed man whose wife and children died on 9/11, and whose only solace is classic rock and video games.

Binder's previous film was 2005's "The Upside of Anger," a film neither Sam nor Adam particularly liked, despite the fact that it starred Joan Allen, one of their favorite actresses. Is Binder's latest effort an improvement? Or are the considerable talents of Sandler and co-star Don Cheadle wasted?

Also on the show: Adam's interview with Scott Frank (Out of Sight, Get Shorty), writer/director of the new film "The Lookout," and two of the film's stars, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Matthew Goode.

Plus, Listener Feedback, Massacre Theatre, and our Top 5 Movies About Friendship.

Music by Richard Buckner from the new album "Meadow" courtesy of Merge Records.

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Filmspotting #153
:18-16:05 - Review: "Reign Over Me"
Music: Richard Buckner, "Lucky"
16:48-30:36 - Interview: S. Frank, J. Gordon-Levitt, M. Goode
Music: Richard Buckner, "Window"
31:05-34:39 - Massacre Theatre (Winner: Justin Valentini)
34:40-47:16 - Listener Feedback (300)
Music: Richard Buckner, "Town"
47:48-49:15 - New DVDs, Donations
49:24-53:59 - Poll Questions
54:00-1:06:27 - Top 5: Movies About Friendship
1:06:28-1:08:10 - Close/Next Show
1:08:11-1:08:38 - Guest Outtake

- We have learned since recording that "Reign Over Me" director Mike Binder's last name is pronounced BINE-der, not BIN-der.
- Binder told Charlie Rose Thursday night the origin of the script. Sadly for Sam, no mention of an iPod.
- This show was for public radio so Gordon-Levitt's 'dick move' line had to be bleeped. Sorry.

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