Filmspotting #158: Hot Fuzz / Metropolis / Top 5 Action Movies
Friday, 27 April 2007 01:00

April 27: Thanks to the cult success of his zombie movie send-up "Shaun of the Dead," director and co-writer Edgar Wright's follow-up, "Hot Fuzz," is receiving the kind of attention usually reserved for the movies that "Fuzz" lovingly pokes fun at -- big budget action spectacles. Starring Wright's co-writer, Simon Pegg, and "Shaun" veteran Nick Frost, "Hot Fuzz" tries to walk the same fine line between homage and mockery that its predecessor did. Despite being zombie movie illiterate, Adam and Sam loved "Shaun of the Dead." Versed as they are in the '80s action canon from which Wright's film gets most of its inspiration, would they have an even stronger response to "Fuzz"?

Also on the show: Massacre Theatre, Listener Feedback, the fifth film in Filmspotting's six-week Silent Movies Marathon, Fritz Lang's "Metropolis," and -- tying in with "Hot Fuzz" -- the Top 5 Action Movies.

Music by The Clientele courtesy of Merge Records.

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Filmspotting #158
:19-16:31 - Review: Hot Fuzz
Music: The Clientele, "When I Came Home From The Party"
17:18-21:24 - Audio Feedback, Poll Questions
21:25-30:57 - Listener Feedback (B-Movie Actors, Ambition)
Music: The Clientele, "Geometry of Lawns"
31:29-32:28 - New DVDs, Donations
32:48-36:36 - Massacre Theatre (Winner: Tracy Reinke)
36:37-46:13 - Silents: Metropolis
Music: The Clientele, "Spirit"
46:52-49:03 - Audio Feedback - Fireflies & Ebert
49:04-1:02:18 - Top 5: Action Movies
1:02:19-1:04:59 - Close/Next Show/Outtakes + bonus vulgarity

- Yes, we realize the 'play' "Glengarry Glen Ross" came out in 1984 ... before the movie "Working Girl."

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