Filmspotting #159: Spider-Man 3 / Passion of Joan of Arc / Top 5 Most Anticipated Summer Movies
Thursday, 03 May 2007 01:00

May 3: Adam and Sam kick off the 2007 summer movie season with a look at this year's entry in the superhero franchise sweepstakes: Sam Raimi's Spider-Man 3. After "Batman Begins" and "Superman Returns" failed to meet perhaps unrealistic -- and certainly nostalgia-fueled -- expectations, Adam and Sam approach the third Spider-Man movie with cautious enthusiasm. With three villains making his Spidey-sense work overtime, the question is not whether Spidey can handle it, but whether the audience can.

Also on the show: Massacre Theatre, Listener Feedback, the sixth and final film in Filmspotting's Silent Movies Marathon, Carl Theodor Dreyer's "The Passion of Joan of Arc" and Adam and Sam share their Top 5 Most Anticipated Summer Movies.

Music by Tim Fite from his new album "Over The Counter Culture," which you can download for free at

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Filmspotting #159
:13-15:39 - Review: Spider-Man 3
Music: Tim Fite, "Camouflage"
16:20-19:09 - Audio Feedback, Poll Questions
19:10-29:45 - Listener Feedback (Hot Fuzz, Action Movies)
Music: Tim Fite, "Soup of the Day"
30:21-33:16 - Massacre Theatre (Winner: Ryan Watkins)
33:17-41:46 - Silents: Passion of Joan of Arc
Music: Tim Fite, "Over The Counter Culture"
42:17-44:58 - New DVDs, Donations
44:59-1:01:34 - Top 5: Summer '07 Movies
1:01:35-1:03:11 - Close/Next Show/Sorry... No outtake this week!

- Thanks to our friends over at Sound Opinions for turning us on to Tim Fite.

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