Filmspotting #160: 28 Weeks Later / Silent Movie Awards / Top 5 Character Introductions
Friday, 11 May 2007 01:00

May 11 (Chicago Public Radio): Back in 2002, "Trainspotting" director Danny Boyle put a new spin on the zombie genre with "28 Days Later." Instead of the stiff-legged, waking-walking dead, Boyle's "zombies" wreaked high-speed havoc thanks to a highly contagious virus called "Rage." "28 Weeks Later" (opens today) picks up where Boyle's film left off ... except with none of the original film's cast or crew. Adam and Sam get infected with a little "rage" themselves and offer split diagnoses on whether the new film is able to sustain the originality of its predecessor.

Also on the show: Filmspotting listeners share their thoughts on Spider-Man 3 -- and prove to be just as dangerous to Spidey as super-villains Sandman and Venom. Plus, Massacre Theatre, the Filmspotting Silent Movie Marathon Awards [aka "The Chaneys"], and this week's Top 5 ... Character Introductions.

Music by Milwaukee's Codebreaker from their new album "Exiled!"

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Filmspotting #159
:22-15:10 - Review: 28 Weeks Later
Music: Codebreaker, "Dream Lover"
15:45-20:35 - Audio Feedback, Poll Questions
20:36-31:16 - Listener Feedback (Spider-Man 3)
Music: Codebreaker, "Exiled!"
31:31-34:39 - Spout Welcome, New DVDs, Donations
34:40-37:27 - Massacre Theatre (Winner: Drew Shirley)
37:28-47:29 - The Chaneys: Silent Movie Awards
Music: Codebreaker, "Riviera On The Moon"
47:51-1:02:28 - Top 5: Character Introductions
1:02:29-1:04:58 - Close/Next Show/Outtake

- Thanks to the folks at Script Frenzy for suggesting this week's Top 5. To read Adam and Sam's "cameo," or for more information about how to participate in the write-a-screenplay-in-a-month project, go to

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