Filmspotting #162: Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End / The Killers ('46) / Top 5 Sea Movies
Thursday, 24 May 2007 01:00

May 25 (Chicago Public Radio): By all accounts there are millions of people around the world who have spent the past year in feverish anticipation of "Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End." Adam and Sam were not among them. In fact, last summer's "Dead Man's Chest" (aka "Pirates 2") had the distinction of being the very nadir of Filmspotting's 2006 movie-going adventures. "At World's End" was filmed simultaneously with it's predecessor, which should offer no sane person any hope of redemption. So why a return to the high seas a year later? Eternal optimism, perhaps? Well, yes ... and the mixed blessing of low expectations.

Also on the show: Filmspotting listeners weigh in with their favorite films directed by women and debate Billy Wilder's classic Noir "Double Indemnity." Plus, Massacre Theatre, the second film in Filmspotting's six-week Film Noir Marathon, "The Killers" (1946), and, in honor of "Pirates 3," the Top 5 "Sea" Movies -- films that take place on [or under, or near] bodies of water.

Music by Greg Brown, Bo Ramsey and Brent Best from the album "Just One More: A Musical Tribute to Larry Brown" courtesy of Bloodshot Records.

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Filmspotting #162
:22-13:38 - Review: Pirates 3
Music: Greg Brown, "Blue Car"
14:37-17:43 - Poll Questions
17:44-23:14 - Listener Feedback: Movies Directed By Women
17:44-23:14 - Listener Feedback: Double Indemnity
Music: Bo Ramsey, "Forget You"
31:53-34:45 - Massacre Theatre (Winner: Jackson Loo)
34:46-46:57 - Noir #2: The Killers
Music: Brent Best, "Robert Cole"
47:21-51:54 - New DVDs, Photography Competition, Donations
51:55-1:04:16 - Top 5: Sea Movies
1:04:17-1:06:38 - Close/Next Show/Outtake

- In FS #161 I (Adam) referred to the lone Transformer I owned as a kid as "Ironside." 'Keithimus Prime' Hayward wrote in to inform me that the red van was actually "Ironhide." And he's right. I now feel like my entire childhood was a fraud.
- During our "Killers" discussion I (Adam) refer to Burt Lancaster's Olie Anderson as a bit "happy go lucky." That's not exactly what I meant to say. He's clearly a beaten down, existentially adrift sort of character. My point was that he's got a naive, innocent 'Chippewa Falls' way about him.

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