FS #169: Rescue Dawn / Sunshine / Danny Boyle / Top 5 Performances of 2007 (So Far)
Friday, 20 July 2007 01:00

July 20: Steve Prokopy (aka Capone) from Ain't It Cool News joins Adam this week for a review of "Rescue Dawn," Werner Herzog's dramatic re-telling of his 1997 documentary "Little Dieter Needs To Fly." Not surprisingly, Herzog eschews political grandstanding and melodrama, focusing on the details of Dieter Dengler's (Christian Bale) incredible, obsessive quest to escape from a Laotian prison camp.

Depending on your definition, "Sunshine" marks director Danny Boyle's ("28 Days Later") first foray into science-fiction. Along for the philosophical space ride are Cillian Murphy, Rose Byrne and the crew of the Icarus 2. Their mission: deliver a nuclear device to re-ignite the sun and save mankind. Also along for the ride... Stanley Kubrick, Andrei Tarkovsky and every heavyweight who has boldly gone before Boyle. Does "Sunshine" belong in the same conversation with classics such as "2001" and "Solaris"? Adam and Steve discuss... Plus, hear Adam's interview with Boyle, in which the "Trainspotting" director praises the acting chops of Chris "The Human Torch" Evans and vows to never make another sci-fi film.

Also on the show: Massacre Theatre and our Top 5 Performances of the Year (So Far).

Music by The Rewinds courtesy of Livewire Recordings.

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Filmspotting #169
:22-15:56 - Review: "Rescue Dawn"
Music: The Rewinds, "Ghostriders"
16:26-20:07 - Massacre Theatre (Winner: Ann Zimo)
20:08-34:56 - Review: "Sunshine"
Music: The Rewinds, "Killing Me"
35:14-37:24 - New DVDs
37:25-53:57 - Interview: Danny Boyle
Music: The Rewinds, "New Shade of Red"
54:35-57:02 - Poll Question
57:04-1:13:28 - Top 5: Performances of the Year (So Far)
1:13:30-1:14:58 - Close/Next Show

- OK! I got it... I pronounced "nuclear" wrong. Fine. For the record, I know how to say it correctly. It just didn't come out that way. And frankly, a mispronunciation is the least of my worries in a 60-75 minute show that requires you to sound at least halfway intelligent all the time.
- Play the Ultimate Search for Bourne from Universal Pictures and Google.

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