FS #170: Talk To Me / Hairspray / Top 5 Movies of the Year (So Far)
Friday, 27 July 2007 01:00

July 27 (Chicago Public Radio Edition): Once you've seen Kasi Lemmons's new film "Talk To Me," you'll understand why it's nearly impossible to sound articulate talking about it. As played by Don Cheadle, the film's subject, the late, great Washington, D.C.-based DJ Ralph Waldo "Petey" Greene makes everyone on the radio sound bad. Cheadle and co-star Chiwetel Ejiofor turn in inspired performances as Greene and producer/mentor Dewey Hughes, but is the movie worthy of their efforts?

Adam couldn't have been less interested in seeing the new adaptation of the Broadway musical adaptation of John Waters's 1988 film "Hairspray" ... that is, until the film opened to enthusiastic reviews and it was too late for Sam to get to a screening. Adam spends a couple of minutes sharing his thoughts.

Also on the show: Afraid of arriving at some dull consensus on their Top 5 Movies of 2007 (So Far), Adam and Sam invite two of their favorite movie critics to join them: Scott Tobias from The Onion A/V Club and Michael Phillips from the Chicago Tribune. As it turns out, only one film appeared on all four lists.

Music by Nora O'Connor courtesy of Bloodshot Records.

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Filmspotting #170
:31-8:17 - Review: "Talk To Me"
8:18-12:18 - Review: "Hairspray"
Music: Nora O'Connor, "Two Way Action"
12:39-16:04 - Massacre Theatre (Winner: Ken Stachnik)
16:05-18:50 - Poll Questions
18:51-26:35 - Listener Feedback (Best Performances So Far)
Music: Nora O'Connor, "My Backyard"
27:06-32:28 - New DVDs, Podcast Awards, Donations
32:29-45:39 - Top 5: Movies of the Year (So Far)
Music: Nora O'Connor, "That's Alright"
46:17-1:04:50 - Top 5: Movies of the Year cont.
1:04:51-1:07:04 - Close/Next Show/Outtake

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