FS #176: Shoot 'Em Up / Top 5 Farewells
Friday, 07 September 2007 01:00

September 7: The movie gods and Fate herself conspired to release Michael Davis's action movie/action movie send-up "Shoot 'Em Up" just in time for Sam's retirement from Filmspotting. Co-starring two of Filmspotting's favorite actors (Paul Giamatti as super-villain and Clive Owen as the film's indestructible super hero), the movie was impossible to ignore (impossible, that is, if you don't count the circumstances that kept Adam and Sam from screenings to this weekend's even more compelling release, "3:10 To Yuma" with Christian Bale and Russell Crowe). "Shoot 'Em Up" also promised loud, stupid bloodshed and depictions of women as victims and sex objects (just a couple of Sam's hot buttons). Could Giamatti and Owen redeem the movie's immodest ambitions? Or would Adam and Sam have one last row for old time's sake?

Also on the show: A very special, "earmuffs" edition of Massacre Theatre and, in honor of Sam's last show, the Top 5 Movie Farewells.

Music by Spoon courtesy of Merge Records.

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Filmspotting #176
:22-3:17 - Open, Samontage #1: Disagreements
3:18-17:24 - Review: "Shoot 'Em Up"
17:25-20:58 - Poll Questions
20:59-22:34 - Samontage #2: Mr. Sensitive
Music: Spoon, "You Got Yr Cherry Bomb"
22:56-26:25 - New DVDs, Donations
26:26-28:47 - Massacre Theatre Winner (Michelle Foy)
28:48-30:41 - Samontage #3: Acting
30:42-33:02 - Massacre Theatre "Earmuffs Edition"
33:03-38:18 - Samontage #4: Vanperbole, Samontage #5: Humor
38:19-48:29 - Top 5: Farewells
48:30-50:45 - Close/Next Show/Outtake

- Check out the new documentary "Cut" by listener Eliyahu Ungar-Sargon.

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