FS #183: Gone Baby Gone / Rendition / Top 5 Actor-Turned-Director Debuts
Friday, 26 October 2007 01:00
October 26: On this week's show... Matty and Adam dissect actor-turned-tabloid-celeb-turned-director Ben Affleck's directorial debut "Gone Baby Gone" -- starring brother Casey, Ed Harris and Morgan Freeman in an adaptation of Dennis Lehane's detective novel. Does "Gone" show promise for the budding auteur, or should Affleck stick to being Mr. Jennifer Garner?

Also, because he didn't find it mind-numbingly bad, Matty defends Gavin Hood's latest political treatise "Rendition" from Adam's wrath. Or does he? The most convoluted film critique ever. Right here. On Filmspotting ... Plus, Massacre Theatre, Listener Feedback and -- in honor of Mr. Affleck's achievement -- our Top 5 Actor-Turned-Director Debuts.

Music by Utah Carol.

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Filmspotting #183
:21-11:56 - Review: "Gone Baby Gone"
Music: Utah Carol, "Misfits"
12:56-25:34 - Review: "Rendition"
Music: Utah Carol, "Silver Space Rocket"
26:04-28:04 - New DVDs, Donations
28:12-31:25 - Massacre Theatre (Winner: Melanie Bruce)
31:26-44:13 - Poll Questions, Listener Feedback (Musicians Turned Actors)
Music: Utah Carol, "Find a Way"
45:11-56:45 - Top 5: Actor-Turned-Director Debuts
56:46-59:16 - Close/Next Show/Outtakes

- "Anatomy of a Scene" w/ Wes Anderson (NY Times).

- I (Adam) said "Dan and the Real Girl" at the end of the show instead of "Dan In Real Life," which opens this weekend while "LARS and the Real Girl" expands to more screens.

- I (Adam) had to use a different mic than I have for the previous 182 shows. No, it doesn't sound as good.

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