FS #212: Sex and the City / Logan's Run / Top 5 Best Dressed Characters
Thursday, 29 May 2008 19:00

May 30: Slip on your Manolo Blahniks, lounge about in your best Dior, and hold onto your Louis Vutton Beverly Clutch as Filmspotting boldly goes where it's never gone before... the Chicago Tribune's Jessica Reaves helps Adam and Matty find their inner-Mirandas and inner-Carries with a review of "Sex and the City." In honor of the fierce ensembles worn by the SATC gals, your hosts roll out their Top 5 Best Dressed Movie Characters.

Not to be out done, Michael York drops by in his futuristic Sandman outfit as Matty and Adam dissect his effort to escape from a fractured utopia in 1976's Logan's Run, the fifth movie in Filmspotting '70s Sci-Fi Marathon. Also on the show: Listener Feedback, Massacre Theatre and music by Anne McCue.

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Listen to Filmspotting #212

Filmspotting #212
:24-19:20 - Review: "Sex and the City"
Music: Anne McCue, "Bright Light of Day"
20:10-25:18 - Indy 4 Voicemails, Polls, Corrections
25:19-35:45 - Listener Feedback (Top 5 Dialogue Scenes)
Music: Anne McCue, "Tiny Little Song"
36:33-40:53 - Contest Winners
40:54-44:08 - Massacre Theatre (Winner: Jeanne Kautzman)
44:09-55:50 - '70s Sci-Fi #5: "Logan's Run"
Music: Anne McCue, "Coming To You"
56:41-1:00:33 - New DVDs, Donations
1:00:34-1:08:25 - Top 5: Best Dressed Characters
1:08:26-1:11:04 - Close/Next Show/Outtake

- Just in case I don't get a chance to bring this up on a future show... Matty and Jessica both thought my criticism of "Sex and the City's" opening montage was unfair, or at least nitpicky. That's fine, but my point wasn't so much that the montage was offensive (it's not). I just thought it was indicative of my larger problem with the film, which is that Michael Patrick King couldn't find a satisfactory way to really translate the show to the big screen.

- I think I may have referred to Michael York's character in "Logan's Run" as Logan 6. He's actually Logan 5.
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