FS #205: Shine a Light / Smart People / Bad Education / Top 5 Concert Scenes
Thursday, 10 April 2008 19:00

April 11: Adam and Matty are in Florida on vacation/watching movies at the Sarasota Film Festival and can't pry themselves away to say anything creative here. We hope you enjoy reviews of Martin Scorsese's new Rolling Stones concert film "Shine a Light," in which Buddy Guy puts Mick and Keith to shame, and "Smart People" with Dennis Quaid, Ellen Page and Thomas Haden Church.

Plus, tying in with "Shine a Light," we count down our all-time Top 5 Concert Scenes in cinema.

Also on the show: Listener Feedback, Massacre Theatre and our final Pedro Almodóvar Marathon entry, "Bad Education."

Music by National Beekeeper's Society.

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Filmspotting #205
:23-12:49 - Review: "Shine a Light"
12:50-18:13 - Review: "Smart People"
Music: Nat'l Beekeeper's Society, "Funeral Procession"
18:50-23:08 - Voicemails, Notes, Matty's Movie Minute
23:09-35:03 - Feedback (Bookends, Heist Movies)
Music: Nat'l Beekeeper's Society, "Swing Dream Requiem"
35:46-39:04 - Massacre Theatre (Winner: Jeff Jones)
37:48-48:17 - Almodóvar #5: "Bad Education" / Poll Question
Music: Nat'l Beekeeper's Society, "Santa Rosa"
51:37-56:14 - New DVDs, Contests, Donations
56:15-1:07:21 - Top 5: Concert Scenes
1:07:22-1:10:35 - Close/Next Show/Outtakes

- We never got a chance to single out the amazing roster of camera operators Scorsese employs on "Shine a Light," including Robert Richardson and Emmanuel Lubezki.

- Not sure "Flawless" director Michael Radford can really be considered "Hollywood," but oh well...

- The bottom line on "Heat" is that Matty just really doesn't remember anything about it and does look forward to seeing it again.

- We failed to share last week's poll results and will get to that on next week's show.
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