FS #202: Funny Games / Paranoid Park / Live Flesh / Top 5 Fourth Wall Movies
Thursday, 20 March 2008 19:00

March 21: This week Adam outfits Matty in requisite black sweater and beret and forces him to enjoy an arthouse double feature. Will Matty reject Michael Haneke's ultra-violent "Funny Games" and Gus Van Sant's languid "Paranoid Park," or revel in both? Plus, the boys dabble in Verfremdungseffekt for a countdown of their Top 5 Movies That Break the Fourth Wall.

Also on the show: Listener Feedback, Massacre Theatre and the Pedro Almodóvar Marathon continues with a pregnant Penelope Cruz and a wheelchair bound Javier Bardem in 1997's "Live Flesh."

Music by The Nadas from their new album "The Ghosts Inside These Halls" courtesy of Authentic Records.

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Filmspotting #202
:35-12:33 - Review: "Funny Games"
12:34-20:08 - Review: "Paranoid Park"
Music: The Nadas, "Loser"
21:09-25:01 - Anthony Minghella, Notes, Polls
25:02-34:53 - Listener Feedback ('60s Movies)
Music: The Nadas, "Blue Lights"
36:11-39:36 - Massacre Theatre (Winner: Josh Jenkins)
39:38-46:05 - Almodóvar #2: "Live Flesh"
Music: The Nadas, "Goodnight Girl"
46:56-50:04 - New DVDs, Donations
52:37-1:02:54 - Top 5: Fourth Wall Movies
1:02:55-1:05:50 - Close/Next Show/Outtakes

- Lest you think my No Country-ish reading of "Funny Games" is completely nuts, check out this video interview I found with Michael Haneke discussing his original "Funny Games" -- note particularly the last 45 seconds or so. "All the rules that exist to keep society functioning are nothing to them. And faced with characters like that, you don’t stand a chance. I think that’s what is so shocking." Indeed, Mr. Haneke. Indeed.

- Check out Frederick Wiseman docs on DVD from Zipporah Films.

- Alas, no "Matty's Movie Minute" this week as Matty just couldn't squeeze in another film.

- During the '60s movies feedback it was suggested that "Shampoo" was a Warren Beatty movie. Of course, Hal Ashby directed it; however, Beatty wrote it and it has his fingerprints all over it. I still say it's a bit overrated. It was also suggested that "Shampoo" was Beatty's first movie; it wasn't.

- You can find a decent plot summary for "Live Flesh" here.
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