FS #200: Charlie Bartlett / Bergman Marathon Awards / Top 5 Filmspotting Discoveries
Tuesday, 26 February 2008 19:00

February 29: For all those who wondered what would have happened if Pete Best and Ringo Starr had performed with The Beatles at the same time, or if Dick York and Dick Sargent had appeared on "Bewitched" together, well, your wait is over. Filmspotting celebrates its 200th episode by welcoming back original co-host Sam Van Hallgren ... Sam joins Adam and Matty in recounting their Top 5 Filmspotting Discoveries -- and joins Matty for an inspired edition of Massacre Theatre. Plus, your hosts commemorate the show's milestone with their first real fight -- a spirited disagreement over the new teen comedy "Charlie Bartlett," starring Anton Yelchin, Robert Downey, Jr. and Hope Davis.

Also on the show: Your Top 5 Filmspotting Discoveries in Listener Feedback, a brief Oscars recap, and Adam and Matty hand out some hardware of their own -- The Svens -- recognizing the best performances and moments from their recently wrapped Ingmar Bergman Marathon.

Music by Wilder Embry from his new album "Squander."

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Listen to Filmspotting #200

Filmspotting #200
:23-10:21 - Review: "Charlie Bartlett"
Music: Wilder Embry, "Dyin for Ya"
12:20-20:04 - Polls, Oscars Recap
20:05-27:00 - Bergman Marathon Awards
Music: Wilder Embry, "Kitchen Beautician"
28:16-34:38 - Welcome Van Sam, 'Ashamed List' Revisited
34:39-43:05 - Listener Feedback (FS Discoveries)
Music: Wilder Embry, "Mommy"
43:42-49:21 - New DVDs, Donations
49:22-53:46 - Massacre Theatre (Winner: Seth Micalizzi)
53:47-1:11:32 - Top 5: Filmspotting Discoveries
1:11:33-1:14:04 - Close/Next Show/Outtake

- Jon Stewart previously hosted the Oscars two years ago, not last year as I (Adam) suggested.

- Thanks to Jeff Huston for passing along this article by Ken Russell, "What makes Ingmar Bergman the best."

- The consensus from listeners on Hayden Christenson's performance in "Shattered Glass" was that he was surprisingly decent in the role. As Stephen Alford so nicely put it: "Hayden Christensen's performance in Shattered Glass works better than his other performances only because he was playing a chronic liar doing a rotten job trying to hide the truth, much like a chronic actor doing a rotten job trying to represent the truth." Despite my suggestion during #199 that there really is no 'right' role for Christenson, I do agree "Glass" came pretty close. Who better to portray someone who is constantly trying to please everyone and doesn't know how to be his own man than someone as awkward on screen as Christenson?

- Both Donations and Discoveries feedback continued to pour in this week after we had already recorded this episode. As mentioned during the show, don't worry, you will get your Van Hallgren nickname; and we do hope to find time in the next few weeks to fit in some more Discoveries stuff. Thanks to everyone for your unbelievable support these past three years -- financial and intellectual!
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