FS #232: Happy-Go-Lucky / Mike Leigh Interview / W. / Top 5 Oliver Stone Scenes
Friday, 24 October 2008 01:00
Oct. 24: This week on Filmspotting... your hosts take a trip around London with the most chipper and ebullient tour guide ever to grace the screen, Pauline "Poppy" Jones, in the new dramedy "Happy-Go-Lucky." Will the boys be charmed by Sally Hawkins' ceaseless brand of optimism? And will Adam fall for the charms of the film's writer/director Mike Leigh? Find out as Adam sits down for an interview with the filmmaker behind "Naked," "Vera Drake" and Topsy Turvy."

Plus, our resident in-house pollsters find time to work in a few words on Oliver Stone's latest presidential opus "W.," chronicling the rise and reign of our 43rd president, starring Josh Brolin, Elizabeth Banks and James Cromwell. In honor of Dubya, the lads also lay out their Top 5 Oliver Stone Scenes. As always Filmspotting undauntedly asks, "is our listeners learning?"

Also on the show: Massacre Theatre and music by The Silos.

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Filmspotting #232
:32-13:10 - Review: "Happy-Go-Lucky"
Music: The Silos, "Behind Me Now"
14:04-29:29 - Interview: Mike Leigh
Music: The Silos, "Never Leaving"
31:34-35:06 - Massacre Theatre (Winner: T. Torrey)
35:07-37:09 - Polls
37:10-49:20 - Review: "W."
Music: The Silos, "Tell Me You Love Me"
49:50-56:03 - New DVDs, Donations
56:04-1:10:29 - Top 5: Oliver Stone Scenes
1:10:30-1:14:01 - Close/Next Show/Outtakes

- Yes, guess I probably meant Matty was tipping his 'hand' on "W." not his 'hat.'
- Yes, guess I meant MLK and Malcolm X, of course, during Top 5 discussion.
- Re: "Bush-league" outtake... no, sadly, that pun wasn't intended.
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