FS #234: Synecdoche, New York / Role Models / David Wain / Top 5 Movies About Mortality
Friday, 07 November 2008 01:00
Nov. 7: This week Adam and Matty -- recipients of a million dollar MacArthur Genius Grant -- have transformed the grand ballroom at the end of Navy Pier in Chicago into a giant performance space and hired thousands of actors, birthday clowns and giant Macy's Thanksgiving Day-parade balloons to create an epic "living arts" performance piece dramatizing the life of Filmspotting. The role of Adam will be played by Mildred Fletcher, an 84 year-old former Scrabble grand master from Corvallis, Oregon, while Matty will be played by Thabo, an eighteen year-old engineering student of Basotho ethnicity from greater Lesotho. Thabo Matty and Mildred Adam will piece together their thoughts on Charlie Kaufman's latest mindbender "Synecdoche, New York" starring Philip Seymour Hoffman, Catherine Keener and Samantha Morton.
The real Adam and Matty will then break down the cavalcade of funny performances from the likes of Paul Rudd, Jane Lynch, Sean William Scott and more in "Role Models," the latest comedy from the madcap minds behind The State and "Wet Hot American Summer." As an added bonus, Adam got a chance to catch up with "Role Models" director David Wain and somehow resisted the urge to ask for Paul Rudd's phone number in a great interview.

Then in honor of "Synecdoche," the lads play some chess with death and mull exactly how they might shuffle off this mortal coil with their Top 5 Movies About Mortality. Here's hoping Filmspotting's eternal summer shall never fade...

Also on the show: Massacre Theatre and music by Ben Folds.

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Filmspotting #234
:24-14:33 - Review: "Synecdoche, New York"
Music: Ben Folds, "The Frown Song"
15:23-18:32 - Massacre Theatre (Winner: T. Stair)
18:33-22:29 - Voicemail, Polls
22:30-32:34 - Review: "Role Models"
Music: Ben Folds, "You Don't Know Me"
34:28-54:26 - Interview: David Wain
Music: Ben Folds, "Cologne"
55:13-1:00:37 - New DVDs, Donations
1:00:38-1:13:43 - Top 5: Movies About Mortality
1:13:44-1:16:39 - Close/Next Show/Outtakes
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