FS Revisited: The Times of Harvey Milk / Paranoid Park / Danny Boyle / Top 5 Dysfunctional Families
Friday, 28 November 2008 01:00
Nov 28: Adam and Matty are eating turkey. Please enjoy this 'best of' show featuring discussions of Rob Epstein's documentary "The Times of Harvey Milk" and Gus Van Sant's "Paranoid Park," plus a conversation with Danny Boyle about his overlooked 2007 sci-fi release "Sunshine," and an oldie-but-Filmspotting-goodie tying in with this holiday season... Top 5 Dysfunctional Families.

Music courtesy of "The Loom."

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FS Revisited
:11-15:52 - Review: "The Times of Harvey Milk"
15:53-23:17 - Review: "Paranoid Park"
Music: The Loom, "Patience for Books"
24:32-41:39 - Interview: Danny Boyle ("Sunshine)
Music: The Loom, "Song for the Winter Sun"
42:38-57:29 - Top 5: Dysfunctional Families
Music: The Loom, "True Believers All"
57:54-59:10 - Close/Next Show
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