FS #237: Milk / Australia / Top 5 Biopics We'd Like To See
Friday, 05 December 2008 01:00
Dec. 5: This week Adam and Matty break out their best polyester and bell-bottom ensembles for a march on the 1970s San Francisco Castro district with a review of "Milk," Gus Van Sant's highly anticipated cinematic biography of Harvey Milk, the country's first openly gay politician. Will Sean Penn manage to approximate the real-life Milk's unfettered joie di vive, or will the intense actor's performance leave Matty wanting less? And will "Milk" displace "Paranoid Park" as Adam's favorite Gus Van Sant movie of the year?

Then the lads set the dial on the Way Back Machine even farther and take a trip to 1940's Australia with Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman in Baz Luhrmann's epic love story "Australia." Listen as Adam and Matty alienate their devoted followers in Melbourne, trotting out every obvious Australian reference they can find while debating the finer points of a shirtless Hugh Jackman, magical Aborigines, and the '80s American classic "Cocktail."

Also, in honor of "Milk," your hosts roll out the Top 5 Biopics We'd Like To See. Adam makes his pitch for "Steven," a four-hour chronicle of the life and times of Steven Soderbergh -- an upcoming guest on Filmspotting! -- while Matty counters with "Finding The Gooch," his Charlie Kaufman-esque unorthodox biography of Bob Guccione.

Music this week courtesy of The Sea and Cake.

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Filmspotting #237
:13-16:39 - Review: "Milk"
Music: The Sea and Cake, "Aerial"
17:37-21:20 - Mass. Theatre (Winner: M. Whitehead, Vancouver, WA)
21:21-24:27 - Polls
24:28-34:28 - Review: "Australia"
Music: The Sea and Cake, "a Fuller Moon"
37:06-48:27 - Feedback (Mancrushes)
Music: The Sea and Cake, "on a Letter"
49:37-55:32 - New DVDs, Donations
55:33-1:11:20 - Top 5: Biopics We'd Like To See
1:11:21-1:14:23 - Close/Next Show/Outtakes


- I (Adam) wasn't suggesting ugly things don't take place in "Australia" because plenty do. They just aren't depicted in an ugly way.
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