FS #216: WALL•E / Mongol / The Lavender Hill Mob / Top 5 Movies About Loneliness
Wednesday, 25 June 2008 19:00

June 27: Alright campers, grab your suitcases, strap grandma to the roof, and hop into the old Griswald family station wagon... we're off to "WALL•E" world. This week Adam and Matty review the latest animated feature from director Andrew Stanton and the creative geniuses at Pixar. Will Disney's little-robot-that-could warm your hosts' cynical hearts, or leave our intrepid duo wishing they had left robots where they belong... in the 1980s, on the scrap heap of history with Johnny #5 and that annoying butler robot from "Rocky IV"?

Plus, Filmspotting goes bully for bullion as our Classic Heist marathon roars to life with the gang from the "The Lavender Hill Mob," an Ealing Studios caper-comedy from 1951 featuring the legendary Alec Guinness.

Also on the show: Matty's Movie Minute takes on Gengis Khan and "Mongol," Listener Feedback, Massacre Theatre, music by The Nadas and -- inspired by "WALL•E's" solitary protagonist -- our Top 5 Movies About Loneliness.

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"Matty's Movie Minute" intro written and performed by Joren Cain and Jessica Israels from Valdosta, GA / Outro written and performed by Tom Knight from Ithaca, NY.

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Filmspotting #216
:24-13:40 - Review: "WALL•E"
13:41-15:30 - Matty's Movie Minute: "Mongol"
Music: The Nadas, "Pieces on the Ground"
16:25-19:47 - Voicemails, Polls
19:48-31:28 - Listener Feedback (Incredible Hulk, Actor-Director Duos)
Music: The Nadas, "Loser"
32:36-36:00 - Massacre Theatre (Winner: Jim Owen)
36:01-43:43 - Classic Heist #1: "The Lavender Hill Mob"
Music: The Nadas, "No Thank You"
44:14-51:26 - New DVDs, Contest, Donations
51:27-53:44 - Carlin/Winston Tributes
53:45-1:05:09 - Top 5: Movies About Loneliness
1:05:10-1:08:36 - Close/Next Show/Outtakes

- I really hope people don't write in telling us to say it "WALL-e" and not "wall-E".

- Nick from Glasgow correctly notes that I keep suggesting "The Incredible Hulk" is only 90 minutes long when it is really 114. I'd still like to see the 135 minute version Leterrier reportedly turned in originally, but the discrepancy between the original and the 'compromised' cut we ended up with obviously isn't as big. I can't account for where I got the 90 minutes from.

- "Rififi" should be up next in our Classic Heist Marathon, but we said "The Killing" and that's what we'll go with.

- Learn more about Stan Winston here.

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