FS #217: Hancock / Gonzo / The Killing / Top 5 Movies To Teach an Alien About Earth
Thursday, 03 July 2008 19:00

July 5: This week, in honor of America's celebration of its independence, Filmspotting's resident Yankee Doodles mark the Fourth of July by feting two larger-than-life paragons of the American Way. First up, the lads review Peter Berg's action comedy "Hancock," starring Will Smith as the titular anti-superhero. Then the boys get "Gonzo" with a review of director Alex Gibney's latest documentary chronicling the life and work of America's foremost psychedelic journalist rebel, Hunter S. Thompson. In recognition of Will Smith's storied service as Earth's ambassador to the alien set, Adam and Matty roll out their Top 5 Movies To Teach an Alien About Earth.

Plus, what's more American than getting rich quick? The Classic Heist Marathon heads to the races for a discussion of Stanley Kubrick's classic "The Killing," featuring Sterling Hayden as a small-time hoodlum attempting a daring racetrack heist.

Also on the show: Listener Feedback, Massacre Theatre and music by Dan Bern.

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Filmspotting #216
:24-8:59 - Review: "Hancock"
9:00-17:25 - Review: "Gonzo"
Music: Dan Bern, "New American Language"
18:53-23:28 - Voicemail, Polls, Notes
23:29-32:40 - Listener Feedback (Actor-Director Duos, Loneliness Movies)
Music: Dan Bern, "Albuquerque Lullaby"
33:28-37:20 - New DVDs, Donations
37:21-40:54 - Massacre Theatre (Winner: Andy Scheper)
40:55-52:33 - Classic Heist #2: "The Killing"
Music: Dan Bern, "Turning Over"
53:17-57:17 - Filmgaming Contests
57:18-1:08:02 - Top 5: Movies To Teach an Alien...
1:08:03-1:11:39 - Close/Next Show/Outtakes

- Dan Bern performance information in Iowa City and Cedar Rapids can be found here.

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