FS #222: Pineapple Express / Le Cercle Rouge / Top 5 'On The Run' Movies
Thursday, 07 August 2008 19:00

August 8: Here's the thing about the film industry, man, are you listening, because, here's the thing, I'm just saying there's not enough movies, there's not enough movies, man, like "Pineapple Express." You know why? Do you know why? Because they're afraid. The industry is scared. The government, man. I'm telling you. Of the truth. Which is why I am so glad this week Adam and Matty are reviewing the latest smoke-filled venture from Team Apatow and director David Gordon Green, starring James Franco and Seth Rogen.

Plus, Adam and Matty (who always bring the truth) will hit the road in their rented Renaults to give you their Top 5 'On The Run' Movies and pause long enough for a hot-box review of the penultimate entry in Le Filmspotting's Classic Heist Marathon, "Le Cercle Rouge," directed by Jean-Pierre Melville and starring the incomparable Alain Delon.

Also on the show: Listener Feedback, Massacre Theatre and music by Richard Buckner.

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Listen to Filmspotting #222

Filmspotting #222
:24-14:24 - Review: "Pineapple Express"
Music: Richard Buckner, "A Chance Counsel"
15:11-20:05 - Voicemail, Notes, Polls
21:46-36:04 - Feedback (Movies So Far, American Teen)
Music: Richard Buckner, "Straight"
36:48-41:09 - Massacre Theatre (Winner: Carrie Cook)
41:10-51:23 - Heist #5: "Le Cercle Rouge"
Music: Richard Buckner, "Her"
52:00-56:20 - New DVDs, Donations, Contest
56:37-1:08:33 - Top 5: 'On The Run' Movies
1:08:34-1:11:11 - Close/Next Show/Outtake

- Nick and Nora? A stoner duo? Sometimes Matty likes to test me to see if I'm listening. I failed.

- Filmspotting-led discussion of "Forever Never Anywhere" on Aug. 20. Details here!

- Matt Singer's comments on "The Dark Knight," his #2 film of the year: "Enjoyed your second discussion with Phillips about this movie; I think what makes me appreciate it even more than I did when I saw it (in IMAX, which at times is downright stunning) is how much fun it is to debate and to hear others debate it. To me, it doesn't matter whether Batman is George W. Bush or not -- the fact that we can have that debate tells you exactly the amount of skill and thought that went into crafting the film. Come to think of it, making movies that keep you talking about them long after you've seen them (MEMENTO, THE PRESTIGE) may be one of Nolan's greatest skills."

- I knew we'd get through our review of "Le Circle Rouge" and forget to mention at least one of the other great performances. Sorry, Yves Montand.

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